London Ashara 1444: A Dream Come True

It’s a truth to the adage that…


By the grace of his HOLINESS SAYEDNA MUFADDAL SAIFUDDIN (TUS) we get this heavenly bliss when we become one and united sharing the utmost pain in our heart, with a pure
soul in front of Allah.

MUHARRAM is well known for its historical significance and mourning for the martyrdom of IMAM HUSSAIN IBN ALI, the grandson of PROPHET MOHAMMED PBUH.

‘For as our grief for IMAM HUSSAIN holds a special place in
heaven, with just one drop of tear we can win paradise.
Grief for one whose life was menacing, a path filled with of
But he fought for his precious stones,
For the love of ALMIGHTY, he fought, as his great grandfather

prophet Mohammed PBUH

As Rasool-Allah (SA) apprised, fasting on the day of Ashura will kill away all the sins of the previous year. And so, many Muslim followers choose to fast on the tenth day of this


Moharram being the first month of the Islamic calendar opens up the new chapter of life, reminiscing the past of warriors that fought for us and as RASOOL-ALLAH (SAW) said, wipe up all past sins and start a new chapter with the name of ALLAH. The year 2020-21 brought some unexpected things which we never imagined…not even in our nightmares!
But, also…we didn’t imagine how a small virus could do things which we always wished for in some ways… Spending more time with family, with ourselves …amidst fighting the virus …amidst a pandemic losing tons of people,

Let’s look at its bright side, We also gained more real people
and real-time with people that mattered!
With all this going on…we welcomed ASHARA with a huge
respect and enthusiasm!
As auspicious and Special MUHARRAM always is…

This year is embraced a bit more as people feel overwhelmed
to again be able to attend waaz without any restrictions or fears
spread due to the covid-19 virus.
People are filled with enthusiasm for being able to go for ‘Deedar’ of MOULA (TUS) this time.
This year ASHARA in LONDON holds a great place in our heart! It is well said how a father feels more delighted with his son fulfilling his dreams!

London Ashara 1444: A Dream Come True
We are delighted to feel nothing less than content with MUFADDAL MOULA (TUS) displaying miracles, completing a far seen the dream of beloved BURHNUDDIN MOULA(RA), who dearly wished to perform wa’az in London but due to certain reasons couldn’t get a hold on that for a while.
Here we are to witness the greatest dream come true where we Share the land with THE QUEEN “AMATULLAH BUSAHEBA” this ASHARA. What makes it more special is her blessings! Which makes us more powerful in our prayers and in offering our grievances.

The Queen buried in QUEENS LAND blesses the place and makes it a bit more momentous, adding an extra charm to it.


IMAM HUSSAIN (SA) is the pillar of Islam and “HUZN-O-BUKA” is what makes us and Islam stay strong standing with strife in the world!

Tears are the best our eyes can offer and MATAM is the finest we can make our hands do it!
SAHARA along with HUZ-O-BUKA, what makes Moharram more awaited is waaz, with kind words of MOULA (TUS) and each time some unique bayaan which not only comprises of shahadat but also includes some new and not known things happened in past, which takes us to Karbala itself.

The bayaan are blessings that teach us the ways we can happily and properly spend the rest of our lives as per wishes of ALLAH, offering namaz, reciting Quran, and not just religious
acts but also put his best in giving worldly advice how small things in life make a huge difference say it be, about business or our relationships, he gets hold of all of it and teaches nothing less than humanity each time, which is purely what helps us MUSLIMS stand proudly with confidence in front of the world and everyone knows MUSLIM BOHRAS to be a
beautiful and pure group of people.

This ASHARA with a dream and with a plan to offer our grief a little more and being more punctual would be our only goal. Keeping down businesses for a while and getting truly engaged in these religious acts would be our motto.
Our hearts are delighted with the dream coming true, making
ASHARA 1444 is more special.

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