Syedi Musanji bin Taj Saheb

Syedi Musanji bin Taj Shaheed

Yemen was the center of Fatemi Da’wat before 974 AH i.e. the culminating point of the Daur-e-Da’wat of 24th Da’i ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna Yusuf Najmuddin saheb (aq).

During this time the Mawaali-e-Taahereen (ra) did the unparallel and Azeem khidmat (Served) of Da’wat in India under the direct guidance and administration of Yemeni Du’aat, especially in Central Gujarat from 550 to 810 AH and particularly in Ahmedabad from 810 to 950 AH. The resident mumineen of Vadodara (Baroda), at the time of the Du’aat of Ahmedabad, also was famed and well-known for their Deeni-Ilmi-Nafsaani khidmat. The center of Da’wat shifted from Yemen to Ahmedabad during the time of Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin Saheb (aq).

Syedi Musanji bin Taaj Saheb (ra), who used to stay in Fakhri Mohalla, Vadodara, was known for his selfless Faith in Da’wat, especially during the time of 26th Da’i ul-Mutlaq Syedna Burhanuddin Dawood bin Ajabshah (aq). The Qubbah Mubaarakah of Saiyedi Musanji Saheb (ra) is located in the area of Panigate. Doing the ziyarat of Syedi Saheb (ra) is the routine of mumineen who take his Waseelah for various hardships. The khidmat and obedience of Syedi Saheb (ra) for the Da’wat-e-Haqq was such that Allaah ascended him to the supreme status of Shahadat. He not only dedicated his life to Da’wat but also left this material world in protecting the Da’wat from the enemies of Ahl ul-Bayt (as).


Maulana of Kapadwanj Saiyedi Khauj bin Malak Saheb (ra) narrates an incident in one of his historical Rasaa’il (epistle) that, I was in prison in Ahmedabad along with Saiyedna Shaikh Aadam Safiyuddin Saheb (aq) and Maulana Ali Mohammad Husaamuddin. We were arrested by Haakim Shah Murad due to the revolt of Sulaiman, who proclaimed to be Da’i ul-Mutlaq and instigated Bohras against the Da’wat. It was a testing and difficult time for us and the majority of mumineen had to bear the brunt of the revolt of Sulaymaan. Mumineen lost their homes and livelihood during that time. Mughal Chaghaabeg, the jailor of the prison, approached us one day and said,

‘I have heard that Haakim Qutbuddin assassinated your father?’

  I replied to him, ‘My father died on the pilgrimage of Hajj-e-Baytullaah but the one who embraced martyrdom was Saiyedi Musanji bin Taaj Saheb (ra).’

syedi musanji taj shaheed constructed a masjid in vadodara

Syedi Musanji bin Taj Saheb (ra) was a devoted mumin and staunch follower of the Shari’at of Allah. He intended to go for the Hajj and took the Minnat that,

‘If Allaah bestows His blessings and did favor on me and if I am able to see the Deedar of Ka’batullaah and Madina, I will build a Masjid after returning back.’ 

Allaah Ta’aala fulfilled his wishes and he went for Hajj. As per his Minnat, after returning for the Hajj, he built a Masjid.


After the construction of the Masjid was completed, Syedi Musanji Saheb (ra) invited Syedna Dawood bin Ajabshah Burhanuddin (ra) as he intended that the Iftetaah (opening) of the Masjid be done only in the hands of Syedna Saheb (ra), who came right from Ahmedabad accepting his hearty invitation. Syedi Saheb (ra) did all preparations for the arrival of Syedna Saheb (ra) and the Iftetaah of the Masjid was done with full fervor and spirituality. Salahuddin was the administrator of Vadodara at that time. He was an inherent enemy of Ahlul-Bayt (as) and the Shi’a of Maula Ali (as). It was a practice of the people of Vadodara to call Salahuddin for the opening of the Mosques. When he came to know that Syedi Musanji Saheb (ra) had called Syedna Dawood bin Ajabshah Burhanuddin (ra) from Ahmedabad for the Ifettaah of the newly constructed Masjid, instead of him, he got angry and ordered to arrest of Syedi Musanji Saheb (ra).


It is also narrated that the people of Ja’fariyah were always ready to malign Bohras under any pretext and they knew that Syedna was in town so they lobbied against Syedi Saheb and told Salahuddin that, he should grab this golden opportunity and arrest the Syedna Dawood bin Ajabshah Burhanuddin (ra). Bohras are rich, wealthy, and well-to-do people. By arresting their Syedna he can demand a huge ransom for his safety and release. They added that, For their Syedna, Bohras will pay your demanded amount in no time.

When Syedna was leaving for Ahmedabad from the house of Syedi Saheb (ra), soldiers of Salahuddin came and cordoned off the area. Syedi Musanji Saheb (ra) could not tolerate the arrest of Syedna so he himself got arrested and sent Syedna to Ahmedabad overnight. When Salahuddin came to know that Syedna had escaped to Ahmedabad, he ordered to kill Syedi Musanji Saheb (ra). It is known that he was tortured and beaten up by the soldiers in public until he became unconscious. Then he was taken to Mandvi where he was thrown in the big vessel of boiling oil. His body was then dragged and taken to Panigate which, at that time, was the place of throwing waste and garbage. His body was thrown in the same place. The next day when mumineen gathered to see the body of Syedi Musanji Taj Saheb (ra), they found nothing but the heap of roses. The place was impregnated with the fragrance of flowers. The day of the Shahadat of Syedi Saheb is the 28th Moharram 986 AH. The Qubbah Mubarakah of Syedi Musanji bin Taj Saheb (ra) is situated at the same place. Countless peace and blessings on those who have embraced martyrdom in the way of Allaah braving the truth and defeating the untruth.

After the death of Syedi Saheb (QR), Salahuddin suffered from a tumor on his back. He was totally incapacitated by the pain. The tumor grew to such an extent that it started discharging offensive fluid. At the terminal stage, not even his servants were ready to take care of him. No one could even pass near his house due to the offensive smell. Then people use to say: “Now Salahuddin is reaping what he did to Syedi Saheb (QR). He died a miserable death in his house with no one around him.”

Syedi Miyaaji bin Taj Saheb (ra) is the brother of Syedi Musanji bin Taj Saheb (ra) who was among the Hudood of Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin Saheb (ra). He went to Yemen to learn the Uloom of Da’wat and stayed there and did supreme khidmat of Syedna Saheb (aq). After coming to India, he did the khidmat of Syedna Dawood bin Ajabshah (ra). He expired on 14th Rabi ul-Awwal 999 AH. His Qubbah Mubarakah is in Umreth. It is the practice of mumineen to go for the Ziyaarat of Syedi Miyaaji bin Taj Saheb (ra) and to take his Waseelah for various diseases. May Allaah Ta’ala give an opportunity to all mumineen to do the ziyarat of D’uaat ul-Akrameen (aq) and Mawaali-e-Taahereen (ra) with whose Wasilah, Allaah fulfills our wishes. Aameen.

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