NETFLIX – Wrongly showed Dawoodi Bohra

NETFLIX – Wrongly showed Dawoodi Bohra Caste | This is to our Notice that the Series on Netflix called SHE – Season 2, Episode 1 in which a man called ‘Ismail’ who in the series as the owner of a prostitution cartel and is wearing our (Dawoodi Bohra Community) Kaumi libas (Dress) along with getting 3rd degree from the Police. Which hurts our sentiments and feeling as a Dawoodi Bohra community people. Clothes of a particular tradition represent the entire community.

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Help me Remove Dawoodi Bohra scenes from the series SHE (NETFLIX)
the scene where we see a named named ISMAIL wearing Dawoodi Bohra clothes as a prostitution owner

A Netflix series uses these traditional clothes to depict a character of specific nature that doesn’t represent any characteristics of the entire community and is a completely unnecessary and wrongful representation of a community, which is against the honor of our a community that doesn’t involve such kinds of people at any level and this scene should be 

deleted and henceforth the traditional clothes should not be used to represent any such awful fictional characters in the future also.

NETFLIX - Wrongly showed Dawoodi Bohra
petition filed by being united

This character in the series is shown only for a few seconds but represents a broker who deals in prostitutes which at every level is defaming the honor of the clothes and headwear

(TOPI-CAP) he is wearing we certainly raise our voice against such use of our traditional clothes. 

We condemn this act and ask ‘Netflix’ to get this scene removed from the Series 

SHE – Season 2, Episode 1…

NETFLIX – Wrongly showed Dawoodi Bohra

Help me Remove Dawoodi Bohra scenes from the series SHE (NETFLIX) Take a look and join here:

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2 thoughts on “NETFLIX – Wrongly showed Dawoodi Bohra”

  1. Hussain Sathaliya

    It is really disrespecting what you’ve shown in the series Netflix. We the community of Dawoodi Bohra strongly and calmly Urge you to please put this Down.

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