Smile Foundation Dahod

Smile Foundation Dahod

By the grace of Allah the almighty and with raza and dua
Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula Sayedna Mufaddal Saifuddin
(T.U.S) we came up with an idea to help people in need. We are the
group of Mumeneen and Mumenaat of different ages, different
organization, different fields and Professions.
Smile Foundation:- is just a thought, a thought to help people,
specially kids. This foundation is not just a group of members it is a
group of same thought, a thought to help who is in need.

Smile Foundation Dahod

Our Profile

Name of Organization

Smile Foundation.

Founder & President

Mohammed F Jhabuawala.

Date of Formation


Legal Status

Reg.No. Guj/2741/Dahod.

Office Address

1 st Floor, Noor Complex, Noor Mohalla, Ukerdi Road, Dahod (Guj.)  389151


Contact No.

(+91)7575053052, 9428544399.

Support Us

Help us to help others. We accept cash or Cheque on behalf of smile Foundation.

Bank Account

KOTAK Bank, Dahod, A/C No. 2814229707



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Collection:- Door to door collection of rida, Jodi, rida material, cloths of children age from 5 to 15 yrs, winter wear, and all those gifts items and every household items that are extra and in good condition.

Use:-Those items that are new or in good condition, we prefer to donate it directly as it is, to the ones that are needy, whether it may be cloths or anything else, Mainly to those who are studying in schools.

Stitching: we prefer to give the stitching work to only those who struggle for work and have weak financial condition.
o We make frocks from old Ridas and Kurti from material.
o We make bags from curtains and bed sheets or similar materials.

Donate:- we donate anything that we collect or make from the things we collect to poor and needy and orphan children studying in school.

Support:- We try and help old singles or couples living alone, widows and economically struggling families with Food Kit or little amount every month.

Medical Aid:- We try and provide medicines or some percent of financial support to the needy ones.

Education:- We pay some part or some months fees and support kids for their studies.

Smile Foundation Dahod

Future Goal

Smile Foundation Dahod

❖ To keep helping people however we can and from whatever we
have, Inshallah.
❖ We will organize and teach ladies the art of stitching so that
they can earn their livelihood.
❖ If possible we will try and give all these ladies a sewing
machine, Inshallah.

❖ To try and help needy children with free books, Inshallah.
❖ To try and help needy children with fees for higher studies
❖ To come forward and provide help and medical support on
larger scale.

Smile Foundation Dahod

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